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Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have been conducting business activity since 1987. Since 1996 we have been applying abilities to the Polish market, which the owner of the company gained while making industrial floorings in Germany and Belgium.

In order to adjust to the demands of the market, since 2004 a wider range of services is in offer, including excavation works, concrete works and other works connected with building and renovation. We have achieved all this through vast investments in the purchase of machines and equipment, and also through employing a group of qualified experts and managers who are able to meet new demands.

Currently our company carries out its activity on 2 grounds:

1. The basic, sector one, specialises in making all sorts of floorings, both industrial floorings and floors applied in houses.

2. Sector two- takes care of production and sale of concrete realised in a batching pant, installed directly on the construction site, and also covering of multidimensional concrete monolithic elements, such as foundation boards, viaducts over roads, ceilings.
It needs to be emphasised, that different experts work in each of the sectors, what enables mastery and specialization of the abilities, what in turn, results in performing works of the highest quality.

As the result, we cooperate with various reputable and reliable companies known world- wide. We also perform responsible works for the Polish Army.

We offer you our cooperation and a wide range of service in:

  • geological examination of load- bearing capacity of grounds and lands,
  • endurance projects of industrial floorings on the basis of the design layout
  • earthworks,
  • making substructures from aggregates and soil stabilization,
  • production and transport of high- quality concrete and technological advice,
  • manufacturing concrete industrial floorings, chemically- hardened concrete floors and surface- hardened floors,
  • concrete foundations for resin floors,
  • installing resin floors,
  • trowelling foundation boards and ceilings in the course of their processing,
  • repairing industrial floorings,
  • installing floorings covered by self- levelling screed
  • polishing and hardening concrete by applying the RETRO PLATE and ASHFORD FORMULA method
  • concrete and ferroconcrete works

We conduct the works by cooperating and basing on technologies applied by renowned companies and the materials they use.

At your request, we perform calculations and designs ( applying to flooring only) so as to optimize the concrete brand, thickness of the flooring, the necessary amount of reinforcement and the type of finishing of the flooring, taking into account the expectations of the Investor in reference to aesthetics, exploitation demands( i.e.: load, abrasion, shock strength, etc.) and price.

We conduct our business activity within and outside the borders of Poland.

This year, the company applying for a certificate, implements Quality Norm ISO 9001.

We recommend our offer and encourage you to cooperate with us.
Zdzisław Kiełek, MA/MSc